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Website Maintenance
Posted on Mar 01 2017 by Alkagari

The forums and by proxy portions of the main site will be going offline tonight for a system upgrade. You will not be able to use the forums and portions of the front page may have glaring issues with them. If you have any questions just let me know, VisiV#1470.



UPDATE: Things didn't go according to plan, see my reply.


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Changes are coming!
Posted on Jul 08 2016 by Alkagari

After years of our current design... I don't recall how many years... I am nearing closer on a new look for us! Below is a quick preview of that new design.

post img

Please feel free to give it a look over while I develop it, keep in mind you may find things do not work, please feel free to PM me, in-game mail or use the bug reports forum with [New Design] in the Subject.


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