Vansnax application (form not working)

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Vansnax application (form not working)

Postby Vantuk » Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:18 pm

Please provide your character name. (Please no special characters at this time.)

Character Name: Vansnax Level:100 Class:mage
Battle Tag: ApolloVii#1398
If you are dual spec, what specialty to you prefer? Why?
Which specialty? Fire/Arcane
Frost is too slow (ba-dum-tish)

Have you seen any end-game raid content? If so, what?
Kara and TC in BC (tank) ICC/Uldar/Trial 10 (holy pally)

Are there any raids where you would feel knowledgeable enough to describe duties for tanks, dps and healers in a pre-battle rundown?
Not now. Coming back from long break

Should you be accepted, your alts would be welcome. Please provide names of your Level 90 alts.
Not on Doomhammer

Why are you applying to The Nemeton specifically?
My buddy AJ said it would be good fit and beneficial to both me and the guild

Do you have any friends within the Nemeton who might offer a recommendation for you?

AJ (Phelon sp?) Warlock

It's important to find the right fit in a guild.
What positives are you looking for in particular?
Level headed raids. Constructive feedback and a support team

What things have you found disappointing or caused grief for you in past guilds?
People letting the anonymity of the internet letting there emotions spiral out of control.

What is your expectation of officers and GM?
Clear communication on what needs to happen and open dialogue around the game and real life.

What can you generally be found filling your time with outside of raids?
Quests and dungeons. Or helping my wife fill out achievements.

Which is your favorite raid, any raid past or present, and why?
ICC. First raid I felt that moved the whole story of Warcraft forward instead of picking up pieces left form previous games

Please give us a short bio that gives us a picture of who you are outside this game. It should include time zone, age, occupation and if you like, first name and location.
Live in Portland, OR with wife and two kids (4 and 2). Work as Apple as a trainer and have done work as a designer and video editor of an esport focused YouTube channel.

When are you available to raid? (Pacific time zone equivalent)

My understanding of Sunday and Tuesday 7-10 works for me. Very rarely will I be scheduled to work into that time frame

Does anyone else have access to your account?

Fun (optional)
If you could work for Blizzard and change or design one aspect of this game, what would it be?
Fully playable WC3 campaign

A year's worth of cheese wheels has just been delivered to you. What do you do with them?
Start a cheese and wine food truck
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Re: Vansnax application (form not working)

Postby Alkagari » Sat Aug 27, 2016 6:48 pm

Thank you for Applying. Either way, someone will be in contact with you to discuss it further if you are still looking.
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Postby Iverron » Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:04 am

I approve this message.
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