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Who we are:

On a player v player server, it's not unusual to find guilds whose names reflect the attitude of omnipotence the leaders would like to portray to the members of the opposite faction. While it can be something to live up to, it can also create a lot of internal drama as those guilds tend to attract younger people who really identify with the guild name. Such were the conditions on Ursin in June of 2007 when the Nemeton was formed. Our guild founder wanted a more mature, laid back environment where the focus was on adult discussion, intelligent discourse, and raiding. We became a haven for the sort of folks we wanted to attract and were instrumental in creating lasting friendships with other guilds of the same nature. In March of 2013, dismayed with the decay of population and raiding on Ursin, The Nemeton moved to Doomhammer. Our guild is flourishing with two 10-person raid teams, one doing heroic progression with the other poised to join them in that pursuit.

Draenei: Shaman

Vahe, a restoration shaman, has been guildmaster since December 2008 at the start of the Lich King expansion. Creating a strong group of officers, shes built a dedicated membership through the struggle to gain the top of the Ice Crown Citadel, to survive the sundering of Cataclysm, the rise and fall of Garrosh Hellscream, and now to explore the changing of the horde guard again as we watch the ascendance of Vol'jin and the growth of Anduin Wrynn.

Maureen lives on Vancouver Island and enjoys life in a coastal city. In the summer, she gardens and coaches dragon boat teams; in the winter, she cuddles up with a good book, her cats and husband and watches the rain come down sideways.

Human: Mage

A mage with a penchant for hurling balls of fire at sometimes unsuspecting Horde, you can often find Alkagari gleefully melting faces in battlegrounds or raids. Hes always willing to lend a hand with the mundane things like bank transfers or the trickier questions of proper mage badassery.

A web design genius, Andy is the driving force behind the changes and innovations you see on The Nemeton website and forums. Living in Kansas, Andy is single and looking for a lovely lady who owns a pair of ruby slippers.

Night Elf: Druid

Nekked. Bear Nekked. Suave and cool ... hanging around the cocktail lounge or chasing ladies of dubious repute in dungeons of Blizzard design, our favorite bear tank has set high standards of excellence for other feral and guardian druids as well as all the assorted heroes he leads through Pandaria raids. Known for the better part of a decade as Elrohir@Ursin, hes now Bearnekked @Doomhammer. Hide your wimmenfolk.

Dave is a mechanical engineer who cheers on the Blackhawks and cries over the Cubbies in his hometown of Chicago. His wife and two kids are the delight of his life.

Dwarf: Paladin

Twelvepeers, the holy protection paladin; Gaillan, the holy terror warlock; Twelvepandas the mistweaver windwalker monk ... while it might seem confusing to most, to us it's very clear that '12' is one of the best utility players around. Healing, dpsing or teabagging Bearnekked - 12 brings his A-Game ... and a fraps program because one day, Youtube needs to have the teabag party set to music and released into the twisting nether.

When not dreaming up ways to catch our favorite druid tank looking like a bearskin rug, Cole is a travelling man. His last year of studies have taken him first to Europe and now Australia where he's immersed in economics classes when he's not studying beauties at the beach. We're assuming he's getting in a lot of study time ... cold beer in hand.

Human: Rogue

A rogue with a passionate interest in pacifism, Chupala is likely the most excited about our transfer to the player v. environment realm of Doomhammer. Now he can frolic through the forests gathering flowers and meander the mighty mountains in search of ore without fear of horde curtailing his petal-filled pleasure.

Eric is also is a keen scourer of the internet, its memes and assorted weirdnesses. There is probably not a version of Caramelldansen or a towering structure of Lego that he has not brought to our attention. He maintains the demeanor of a comically inept henchman, but in truth, our ninja buddy is the Evil Overlord of the Interwebz. Yes, it's his fault. You can go ahead and blame him.

Draenei: Shaman

Like the Thor of legend, Kamynary is the guy who can stand at the maelstrom of a fight and emerge unscathed, searching for another foe to vanquish with all that pent up energy. Kamy has been with the Nemeton for stages of various Blizzard expansions and never ceases to be anything short of electrifying.

A lawyer championing intellectual property rights, Matt lives in Columbus with his family. He assures the byzantine ways of nerddom are being handed down his family tree with San Diego ComicCon family vacations. It surely wont be long now until we see family cosplay photos.

Pandaren: Shaman

A master of of thunderbolt throwing and lightning hurling, Salammar was first introduced to The Nemeton years ago as the warlock Salazzar. Through class changes and requested specialties switches, Sal has hung in to become one of our steady raiders, rockin' the dps charts each week.

Outside of game, we'll often hear of Jason's juggling skills; growing kids, Swiss wife, love of Raclette and fondue, and paper shuffing at Duke University Hospital.

Gnome: Mage

You've seen him cruising the streets of Stormwind ... pimped out Grummle ride thumping loud bass, the gnome ladies oohing and sighing. Word is that he's got a large lady-pleasing ... fireball. Srluke is a legend in the making!

An outdoorsman, Luke enjoys hunting, fishing and camping with his fianc� and daughter in his home state of Montana. This year finds him nervously getting ready for the arrival of a new bundle of joy.

Night Elf: Hunter

Since our arrival on Doomhammer, Kylma has been instrumental in introducing us to people who now help form the backbone of our guild. Hes the first to offer planning or material help for whatever endeavour the guild needs. Hes one of those people that make this guild feel like home to our new members.

Living near Boston, Dan grew up with an interest in a great variety of sports ... none of which were kind to his body. Rather than follow his teen dreams of becoming a pro wrestler, these days hes content to chase a lovely lady on Nantucket. Seems safer and theres less jumping off the top rope. At least, we assume so.

What we are:

Loosely themed around druidic culture, we pride ourselves on being a friendly group of adults who take pleasure in helping fellow guild members as they gear up, level, or go about their daily farming. Our guild chat will offer lots of grins; the raid teams and their leaders will satisfy your need for progression at the same time as proving a fun environment. We like the challenge of trying to figure out how our raid composition can work against the latest Blizzard boss mechanics, even if we're not the ideal make-up.

We are an end-game raiding guild with somewhat of a laid back approach, raiding twice a week for three hours each session. One of our raiders coined the term "casual hardcore" to describe us.

Many of our players have met, brought together by our interest in the game and the friendships we've created through raiding together over the years.

Our Expectations:

We expect raiders to show when they sign up for any particular raid. We also know that juggling work schedules, kids, vacations, homework and hobbies can sometimes derail plans. We will ask that you provide contact information (posted only in our officer forums) in the event you're not online at raid time, so that we can determine if we need to replace you in raid. Our raid invites go out fifteen minutes ahead of our first pull … you should be ready to go.

We expect that you will know your character well with an eye to perpetually improving. Your gear, gems and enchants complete will always be up to date before raid. We want you to be excited about reading Warcraft Logs.

Before we step foot into a boss room, there are a multitude of internet and in-game resources that will help you learn your role and fight mechanics you'll face. We do expect you to use them.

Mostly, we expect that you will treat other guild members with respect. We have no tolerance for racial slurs, as in zero tolerance. Likewise, homophobic remarks and gender bashing. We want you to contribute to a fun and lively guild chat, free of sarcasm and smart-ass responses to genuine questions. Don't get us wrong, we do like smart-asses ... but knowing when to use your super power is key.

Just what is a nemeton anyway?

Close to earth and nature, druids observed the waxing and waning of seasons within a grove of sacred trees, oak being chiefest in the hierarchical importance of woods. This circle of trees, which would bear witness to the festivals marking the march of seasons, was called a nemeton.

Our tabard:

Just as the ancient druids observed holy rites and celebrations in the grove by the light of the moon, so does the world tree on our tabard symbolize a collection of stalwart people observing the formation of something equally exceptional ... friendship.

The world tree in midnight black is stitched upon the green expanse of the forest canopy. The rich emerald tabard makes us easy to spot across the Stormwind commons... it is representative of our druidic background ... and is a very striking rallying point on a battlefield standard.

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Death Knight Blood Frost Unholy
Warrior Protection Fury Arms
Paladin Retribution Protection Holy
Priest Holy Discipline Shadow
Hunter Beast Mastery Marksmanship Survival
Mage Fire Frost Arcane
Monk Brewmaster Mistweaver Windwalker
Warlock Affliction Demonology Destruction
Shaman Restoration Elemental Enhancement
Druid Balance Restoration FeralGuardian
Rogue Subtlety Assassination Combat